Thursday, August 8, 2013

Real Life: 25th Birthday Weekend Part I

I told you the other day that it's birthday week. Oye! I've kinda been slacking on that during the work-week, because I've totally been experiencing weird birthday feelings this year! 

But ANYWAYS, I wanted to share with ya'll my little adventure from last weekend. My best friend of 12 years, Keais, invited me and a couple of his closest lady friends up to his parents beautiful beach house up north. So we all came up from the city with our beach towels, sunblock, and straw hats ready to go! Not only was I back in a home that I'd spent a good amount of my pre-teen and teen years at, but the company was just wonderful! The four of us had never hung out as a group before, so it was just fun to know that we got to share something special together!

Here was my lovely room, all ready with a towel and facecloth for the shower. Thanks Woody!

IMG 7434

My amazing Sperry Top-Sider hat I got at a sample sale! 

IMG 7439

IMG 7459

IMG 7463

The front entry way is breathtaking with the sun shinning in! 

IMG 7472

The little secret elevator that Keais and I used to ride up and down when we were kids. Bah!

IMG 7474

IMG 7477

The beautiful back room looking out onto the ocean.

IMG 7481

Sperry whaaa??!!

IMG 7485

The stud himself...

IMG 7512

IMG 7514

And my Sarah...

IMG 7553

The four nuggets. 

IMG 7582

IMG 7590

Here's your typical Keais below.

IMG 7639

IMG 7641

Gah! I cut my hair! I haven't done an outfit post for you guys yet with it! Here it is!

IMG 7649

IMG 7658

And me being a goof...

IMG 7665

IMG 7669

A beautiful thank you to Keais' lovely grandparents for graciously taking us in for the weekend! 


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I hope you had a great weekend - you certainly deserve it! Happy birthday again lady. Amor - KB de D

Jessica Holly said...

such a dream.


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