Monday, October 14, 2013

DIY: Messenger Blackboard

I'm trying especially hard to save money these days, but am also in the process of turning my home into something I'm really proud. So I've been crafting a lot more, and just making the things that I pin up on Pinterest. It's a beautiful thing, guys!

IMG 8594

So this is a great DIY for renters especially! This iswhat you need:

+ A cheap mirror (I got mine from Target) 

+ Black chalk paint 

+ Paint brushes 

+ White acrylic paint

IMG 8530

IMG 8510

And the beauty in crafting is just make it your own, guys! I'm always inspired by the Beautiful Mess girls. 

IMG 8580

IMG 8599


Katie Aman said...

I love this! We have been thinking of making one of those for a menu board in our kitchen. Yours turned out wonderfully!

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

i love how you tied a piece of chalk to the board! i always misplace mine, this would work so well!

lindsey louise


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