Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DIY: Painted Pumpkins

I've realized, like many other fashion/design and lifestyle bloggers this year, that painting pumpkins is far superior to carving them. I've always hated the process of carving pumpkins and hate getting my hands and arms all nasty with goopy pumpkin-insides. Not a fan. So this year I bought some acrylic paint and went at the pumpkins like no other! Thank you Pinterest!   

I adore pumpkins, and I got it from my mother! Don't ever forget the importance of the stem!

IMG 8332

IMG 8321

The cat one is Rachel, my roommate's! Isn't he cute? 

IMG 8341

IMG 8327


chantilly said...

your painted pumpkins look so cute! i haven't tried this trend, although i really want to :)

Michelle said...

These pumpkins look awesome! I love the stripes and how you painted the stems!


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