Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Style de Haviland: Cobalt Blue & Orange Red

Lately, I've been completely inspired in using older pieces that I have. I went through my bins of sweaters that I had stuffed under my bed and completely forgotten about. Opening it felt like I had obtained a whole new wardrobe all over again! ANYWAYS, none of the pieces below came from that little excursion, but that's okay, I reckon. 

IMG 8413

IMG 8390

IMG 8369

IMG 8373

IMG 8420

Cardigan: Ann Taylor (a year old) 

Blouse: J.Crew (handmedown from the momma) 

Trousers: J.Crew

Oxfords: Steve Madden 


Jessica Holly said...

love me some loose fitting slacks!

Kelsey Bang said...

those red pants are super awesome! and the polka dots are so cute!


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