Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Style de Haviland: Aztec Pinks & Blues

I've been so inspired lately by blogging. I'm on a kick, guys, so let's just go with it, y'all! 

Random thought of the day: I was reading this awesome post earlier that a fellow lifestyle blogger wrote that I absolutely loved! I've been following Gentri a lot closer lately and have been really getting' into her content, and today, she didn't disappoint! She wrote a post on how online dating just isn't her jam, and I am so diggin' that because I'm in the same exact boat. (I think I'll be blogging about this whole dating-subject a little more this year.) Also, something I wanted to mention was I think as fashion/lifestyle bloggers, we're expected (or maybe I've put that expectation on myself?) to have partners for some reason. Or it may be more along the lines of that you see a lot less single women in the blogosphere in general. Anyways, thanks for reading my random thought processes. 

IMG 9997

IMG 0006

IMG 9995

IMG 0013

Sweater: American Eagle

Blouse: J.Crew Factory

Jeans: Handmedown Buffalo's from the madre

Socks: J.Crew

Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider


Gentri said...

I love this! Thank you so much, Emily! First- I totally agree and want to write a post about us single bloggers. I sometimes feel that every other blogger out there is married, I forget there are some awesome single ladies, too! I can't wait to read your post! Make sure you let me know when it's up, I would hate to miss it. :)

Second- I LOVE this outfit, so much!!

bashashhazbaz said...

you are most welcome! i enjoy reading your thoughts that are put down to the screen! you look very nice in this post!

Miche said...

First of all, love the outfit. Also, I agree about not seeing single bloggers (I do have a partner, but I've noticed this as well), I feel the blogosphere is largely dominated too by married women (or maybe its just me..), either way, it does seem that there is some expectation. Though I am partnered, I know that I would be fine if I weren't (As all women will be). As for online dating, I did meet my partner online (okcupid) over a year ago and things have been going great, but I get that it's not for everyone, I've found that sometimes the best things pop up when you aren't necessarily looking for them though too..
Miche from Buttons and Birdcages


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