Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Real Life: (More on) Essential Oils

Essential oils are an interesting subject-matter. I am a firm believer in them and have been a user of them for almost two years now. There are a lot of great products out there such as Young Living and there’s a lower-end company called Aura Cacia. With Young Living, the only way you can get a hold of them is if you become some sort of distributor as far as I’m aware? Am I wrong here, people? (I’m not 100% sure.) But I recently got in touch with Amber, who is just the sweetest, and ordered my first Young Living oils. I just recently rain out of Bergomat, and decided to go with Pan Away as well so that I could start using it for muscle therapy. Technically, you’re not supposed to put oils directly on your skin, so it’s important to use some sort of diffusor. I use just use Aura Caica's almond oil.


I'm a huge fan of Oshadi essential oils. Oshadi is available online on their website, as well as retail stores. My all-time favorite is the Syngery Blend - Blossoms, LEaves, & Fruits. (I often purchase at Cambridge Naturals, and although they do not carry my favorite blend, the store can often order it for you and you’ll pick it up a week or two later.) I use essential oils mainly for the purpose of stress & anxiety-relief, and for sleep as well. I have never been a perfume-wearer. My mother only wears it on special occasions, so I’ve never really gotten into it (until I found essential oils a couple years back.) So I never had the issue of missing my cheap Victory’s Secret “Very Sexy” body-spray…

#1 Way I Use Them

I create my own blend of essential oils to dab on my wrists and neck several times a day. I use the Synergy Blend from Oshadi, Bergamot (for anxiety), Vetiver, a little Rose & Lavender, topped with some Almond oil. I’ll apply it several times a day and I usually get people who stop and ask what I’m wearing because they love it. When I was wearing straight patchouli in the blend I make, I got a lot more negative response. I have a feeling it's because all of our parents who lived through the 60’s basically would get whiplashed into their pasts when they smelled me. So I decided it best to back off a little on the patchouli so that folks wouldn't get the wrong idea. 

#2 Way I Use Them

I use a lavender & patchouli spray at night on my pillowcase to help calm my nerves and help with falling asleep. Lavender is supposed to really help with this and patchouli is supposed to help with anxiety as well. I stopped doing this for a couple months and I’ve recently noticed I was having a more difficult of a time sleeping, so I started this back up again and have already seen improvements. 

I'm looking for other ways to use what I currently have, so any of you oil-buffs out there give me a holler!  

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