Monday, February 17, 2014

Style de Haviland: Men's Monkeys & Leopard Smoking Slippers

Another Monday has come and gone. As humans, our natural instinct is to look forward, and I definitely give into that instinct on an hourly basis. I'm always thinking about what's coming next. Who am I going to meet? How is these life-changes going to be implemented? When is x or y going to happen? Am I going to do x or am I going to do y? It's just so confusing sometimes, and as a single woman living in the 21st century I get quite scared at times. Fear keeps me from living in "the now." 

I pray that I can live "the today" more and more as I grow older. 

IMG 0448

IMG 0460

IMG 0449

IMG 0453

IMG 0463

IMG 0473

IMG 0467

IMG 0469

Sweater: Urban Outfitter's (Men's sale) 

Blouse / Necklace: J.Crew Factory

Jeans: Paige via Nordstrom's Rack

Smoking Slippers: Sperry Top-Sider

Frames: Vintage

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