Thursday, February 13, 2014

Real Life: Taking Your Vitamins


These past two years, I’ve gotten a lot more into homeopathy, organic products & food, vitamins, and essential oils. (It's so much more available than it used to be! But my mother always practiced some homeopathy growing up. She grew up in a homeopathic home.) I’ve been wearing essential oils and using them for random things, which I’ll write more about in the future. (I’ve seen a recent trend with lifestyle bloggers lately and have found it a little frustrating that all of a sudden everyone’s all up in arms about them like they just came in style yesterday. Interesting how these trends happen!) But this is post about vitamins and figuring out which ones you should take daily! (And here's the disclaimer that I ain’t no doctor, and that this is just what I’ve figured out on my own and with other folks that have a great knowledge of homeopathy and healthy-living.)

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How did I figure out what vitamins to take?

Well, I talked to a lot of other women about it (like my ma and Rachel.) I’m surrounded by folks who are either deep into a life of just homeopathy or people that grew up in homeopathic homes, so I consulted them. I also have a very open relationship with my nurse-midwife (no, I’m not pregnant and yes, I have a nurse-midwife who does my yearly exams.) I took notice as to what are my daily issues on a physical level. I have pretty bad scoliosis for one, so I’m in back-pain on a daily basis. I also have a severe anxiety disorder and deal with seasonal depression, and I’m not a great eater. I don’t eat nearly as much as I should and am regularly dealing with weight-loss issues on and off throughout the years. My vitamin rotation changes every so often. After some more research, I'm going to look into what I should be taking for muscle pains & growth. Anyone got any ideas? I just don't want to become an old woman who takes 20 vitamins a day. That's just not right...

Where do I get these vitamins?

Places where you SHOULDN’T get your vitamins is at a place like “Vitamin World.” My dietician-friend told me that those have been stripped of a lot of the natural goodness and whatnot and have been sitting on the shelves for far too long. I get mine at Cambridge Naturals, which is basically my favorite place to go for anything related to my health. Find a local natural-health store that you know has a good reputation! 

Vitamin B-Complex and/or Stress Formula - B-Complex Vitamins with 500 mg Vitamin C

Vitamin B is awesome for some awesome reasons. It is awesome for getting your skin, hair, and nails healthy. It helps regulate a healthy digestive & nervous system, which will assist with issues like depression and stress. Vitamin B also helps with energy and is particularly good for women to take for it helps protect again breast cancer, as well as lung and prostate. I have pretty bad fibrocystic tissue in my breasts (i.e. they’re grainy, t.m.i.? sorry, this is a health-post) and have already had a large benign tumor removed almost eight years ago. So I'm already concerned about that issue because lumps already come and go with my cycle. It's definitely important for me to take this! 

An Herbal Wellness Formula

I started taking this one by Source Naturals when I started traveling a lot more. I’ve basically not gotten a flu or cold in almost a year now. Having a healthy immune system is crucial especially during this time of the year!

I also use a grapefruit extract nasal-spray when I'm about to get on a plane. It's another immune system booster! 

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