Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Style de Haviland: Another Aztec & Denium Duo

So it was a bit of a crazy weekend. I had to get up at two o'clock in the morning to catch a flight to Nashville, and came back yesterday. All for some quick musical-activities that I'll be sharing more about later this year. 

Now more importantly, I want to talk about the ridiculously comfortable heels that I'm in. 

IMG 0382

Basically Born is my new best friend. (I'm a huge Clarks fan for heels as well, because you can wear them aw day long, girlfriends.) I saw these at Marshall's and was basically like, "yo - you're twenty-fy dollah make you hollahhh?!!" I snagged 'em like they ain't ne'er been snagged before. Because I got 'em… Anyways, they're the best twenty-five dollars I've ever spent in my living days. 

IMG 0348

IMG 0351

IMG 0356

IMG 0362

IMG 0383

Frames: c/o Victory Collections

Necklaces: Owl gifted by my younger hermano, Benny and the Jets / J.Crew 

Blouse: Madewell

Jeans: Paige via Nordstrom's Rack

Socks: J.Crew

Sweater: Lands End Canvas

Shoes: Borns via Marshall's 

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