Monday, March 24, 2014

DIY: Wonderland-Inspired Print & Wooden Frame

This was a fun little project that I had no inspiration for, meaning, I didn't parooze around Pinterest and find something that clicked. I was walking around Michael's the other day, and found these little wooden plaques. Just cheap little wooden slates that only costed $3.99/each. And I thought, "oh dang, I've had those Alice in Wonderland fabric pieces for years and have had nothing to do with them. This would be perfect!" 


+ wooden plaques 

+ acrylic paint

+ some pictures or images that you want to display (I got fabric swatches from Buckaroo's Merchantille when they were still in business in Cambridge, Ma. Here's his etsy shop.

+ modge podge 

IMG 1985

There really aren't many steps to this project. 

1. Create a color pallet for your project. 

2. Paint them. 

3. Modge podge the back of your pictures/fabric pieces and place centered on the wooden plaque. Press it down so it is flattened and brush a thin layer of mode podge across the entire thing. 

IMG 1989

And here's your finished product! 

IMG 1993


Jessica Holly said...

I love this!!

Indy said...

Wow, what a great idea! I adore the result! I love walking around craft stores - so much inspiration!


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