Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DIY: Muscle-Pain Relief Rub

This is a "rub" that I kind of just put together myself. Didn't look anything up beforehand, which may be why it didn't come out as lotion-y as I wanted. But it sure does the trick. Rub a couple tablespoons on my achey muscles from my scoliosis in my spin, and I have almost instant relief. 
+ Almond Oil
+ Young Living Essential Oil: Pan Away
+ Coconut Oil
+ Glass container
IMG 2046
IMG 2049
Basically what I did was take (ratio-wise) 5-parts coconut oil, 2-parts almond oil, and 25 drops of Pan Away and really mix it together with a spatula. 
Here's the small bowl I used for mixing, and you can see approximately how much I used for coconut oil when comparing it to the size of the spatula. 
IMG 2044
Once you have all the ingredients in the bowl, mix it together and get it at smooth as possible. 
IMG 2052 
IMG 2204

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