Thursday, April 24, 2014

Real Life: New Ink

Gah!!! So after maybe a month or so, I've showcased it to the mother (who knew I was getting it, but I just didn't want her to be in shock so we eased her in) and she's upset... But whataya gonna do? I love you, Ma!!! Please know that I still love you EVEN when I have a more visible, fresh piece of ink. 

Anyways, probably around a year a go, one of my dearest and closest friends, Jana Rene, drew a beautiful portrait of me. It's the icon over on the top left! She included my "spirit-animal" underneath, so I asked her to trace it and give it some "tim-burtony vibes." I've been an owl-lover for many years and have always felt a connection to that crazy bird and what it represents, which is wisdom. Now, I ain't sayin' that I'm some young, lovely lady with wisdom-galore, because I am most certainly do not. I just like the idea of having good vibes throughout the remainder of life by having this piece with me forevahs.

So my roomie and I took a little drive up to Portsmouth, NH and had a lovely time with my tattoo artist! Beth was just the sweetest, and her artwork was hanging everywhere and it was absolutely beautiful! I'm so happy with my tattoo and the simplicity of it. I think it's probably my last one (at least for a very long time.) 


On a similar note, my dearest Jana has a project going on called "Operation Full-Recovery." Donate some mullah, and you could get a portrait! 


(There's a little spider hanging from the right wing :)) 


Gentri said...

It's very pretty!! I'm not a tattoo girl, but I like this one!

BNM said...

I love that tatt! Its awesome!


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