Monday, May 5, 2014

Style de Haviland: Hippy Overall-Dress & Clogs

Here's a fun outfit from a couple of weeks ago. I actually sprained my ankle during the work the day while I was wearing this outfit, because of my damn clogs. They may be trendy right now, but they sure are dangerous for someone with weak ankles. I don't think I'll wear them again for a while… Does anyone know if Swedish Hasbeens are wobbly as well? I've wanted to purchase a pair, but a. they're super expensive and b. I'm afraid I will die walking around in them.  

IMG 0874

IMG 0864

IMG 0875

IMG 0880

IMG 0887

IMG 0903

IMG 0888

Blouse: Anthropologie 

Overall-Dress: Free People

Beads: borrowed from a friend several years ago (sorry, Neen!)

Hat: Urban Outfitters

Clogs: Dansko 

1 comment:

Gentri said...

That's funny that you mention it, I've been planning to buy a pair of swedish hasbeens. I think the style makes a big difference. Maybe try some w an ankle strap. There is another brand my friend has been looking into called lotta. I think they're cheaper.


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