Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've Decided...

I've decided that I am really bad at blogging. My writing is in no way up to par, and I pretty much have zero talent in this genre.

My first two months of blogging, I was so into it! Blogging at least a post a day... Now I'm lucky if I write one a week. What's up with that? For some reason my life has become this crazy adventure of insane amounts of real-work and school-work. And on top of that, I have cultivated some amazing friendships at my church.

The problem with being a blogger with no talent, is I get to partake in the general blogging community. This includes some incredibly talented ladies that can write beautifully written posts. Damn! What is wrong with me?! And you know, I've even stopped watching Mad Men (on Season 3) all time, because I'm so God-forsaken busy!

But guess what?! I found a new, amazing blog that I've absolutely fallen in love with. It follows Jami Nato and her family. Totally wonderful and totally flawed. Which makes them in my mind, a perfect family.

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