Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Photograph Your Life

So because I’m super nerdy, I have probably spent a good 6 hours minimum every weekday since mid October. I have no idea why this has happened and why it falls shortly after the accident, but I’m sure God will reveal that to me slowly every day. So AnYhOo,  I was nerding out over on Jenni’s blog, Story of My Life, and read through (several times) her blogging tips. This woman has been quite a saint to me these days. In Part 3, she suggested purchasing a copy of How to Photograph Your Life, by Nick Kelsh, which proceeded with “check out the used copies! I think I paid about 12 dollars for mine!” Um, okay!


So, about a week later, my copy arrived in the mail. I opened the book, got to the first page, and immediately got my highlighter out. Basically, this book should be called “Photographing for Dumbasses.” It breaks the basics down, and explains it in laments terms. Thank you, Nick Kelsh.

These are his “Three Simple Rules”


1. Get closer to your subjects. Either by zooming in with your lens or standing physically closer.

2. Don’t limit yourself to a few pictures of an important situation.

3. Don’t put your subject in the middle of the picture.

And yes, I got it for $11.89 on Amazon.

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