Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{Guest Post} Jahnavi from A Beautiful Feather

Hey Folks! Hope you’re all having a great hump-day. Enjoy reading Jahnavi’s lovely guest post, and don’t forget to stop by her blog!


Hi everyone, I’m Jahnavi from the blog a beautiful feather .I’m so excited to be guest posting here on Emily’s lovely blog. Emily asked me to write about the life in Dubai.I thought I would share some of my experiences.

I came to Dubai a year ago with many questions in mind. I thought there would be many restrictions as Dubai is an Islamic country but the scenario here is completely different. I’ve never felt like I was living in an Islamic country. This country is as free as any other western country. I love the weather (aside perhaps from a few of the summer months) and really enjoy the social scene and pace of life. I was amazed by the architecture, culture and the places here.


Here in Dubai the weekend starts on Friday. So I curiously wait for the Thursday nights cause the city never sleeps on Thursday night. I always love the the long drives to the desert, lovely evenings at the beaches, and the late night barbecues on the weekend. Speaking of long drives reminds me driving is crazy here, mostly roundabouts and u-turns. Driving in the desert is a thrilling experience.


As I said spending the evenings at the beach is my favorite past time. You can often find me trying to capture the sunset or sitting by the ocean with a great book. All you can find here in Dubai is lot of beaches ,shopping malls and hotels. The food here is just lovely and Dubai is a fashion hub. Believe me, you can find all the top brands here and the outfits are so lovely that you can’t resist yourself from buying.

This is my second year here in Dubai. I’m completely in love with this city. I always find this place new and exciting. I’m looking forward for more adventures. if you haven’t visited Dubai yet, plan it for your next holiday. You’re gonna love it!

Thanx for having me. Hope you enjoyed reading it.


Lidiya said...

Amazing guest-post, fascinating to read about! <3

Megan said...

Evenings by the beach are wonderful - I'm sad to say I live far from the water! That photo with the sunset is gorgeous! :)


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