Monday, February 27, 2012

My Favorites from the Oscars

So last night’s Academy Awards was probably the first time I had ever watched the entire thing. I’m extremely proud of myself and I didn’t even get bored. Rob mentioned that watching the Academy Awards is like watching the Superbowl for him. It’s just a different genre that he doesn’t really care about. I disagree with him completely on this, because watching the Superbowl from me, is like watching paint dry on a wall. At least I get to look at beautiful men looking dashingly handsome in their tuxes, and not chubby massive guys smashing into each other with helmets on when watching the Oscars…

I think my boyfriend might have an aneurism after he reads that. Sorry, babe!

Anyways, I was a pretty happy camper last night. One of my favorite films (probably of all time), The Artist, won Best Picture AND Jean Dujardin won Best Actor.

As for the fashion, there were a couple ladies that in my opinion, looked absolutely 100% flawless.

Berenice Bejo from “The Artist.” She looked incredible. Her hair color looked beautiful with the light-mint dress. And I love long sleeve dresses. And she’s married to the director of “The Artist.” He’s pretty sexy himself.


Cameron Diaz in my opinion has had way too much face-work done. She looks like a plastic man. But I loved the way she did her hair, and her dress looked like a mermaid. I liked it. A lot. And was surprised by that.


Jessica Chastain. She’s beautiful. I’m pretty sure she won best-dressed in like every magazine. This was incredible.


Livia Firth looked stunning. This dress was my favorite out of all of them. Seriously funky. Makes me happy that Colin Firth is married to such a rad lady.

And Rooney Mara. Her dress wasn’t my favorite, but her overall look was absolutely incredible. She is so beautiful, and the harsh bangs look so good on her. I was a little bummed she didn’t get Best Actress, but Meryl Streep was my runner up. She always does an amazing job.

Who was your favorite?

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Crystal Haines said...

berenice bejo looked so beautiful!


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