Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Style de Haviland: Burnt & Rustic

So the other day, I went to So Good in Downtown Crossing. I go at the same time every year, because normally, I am far too overwhelmed to even pick one piece. So Good is this wholesale/retail costume jewelry store. They’re in a lot of the major U.S. cities, so check ‘em out. But anyways, I’ve been going during their 50% of everything sale during this time of year. Thus, an awesomely rad necklace can be six bucks.

Yeah. I know.

I’m showcasing one of the So Good pieces in this post, and I’m super excited to see what you all think!

Note: I was not doing very well during this little mini-shoot with le boyfriend. WASN’T in the mood for my photo to be taken/was being too loony for the camera. I figure to now take it as an opportunity to share a little of my crazy side with you, though…


Lipshtick on my teethsies?



IMG_1856 2





photos by Michael E. Dennis

Dress: Forever21

Necklace: So Good ($6.00)

Tights: We Love Colors

Shoes: Lord & Taylor c/Steve Madden


kaelah beauregarde said...

that dress is SO cute! i never would've guessed forever 21! and i love love your glasses! cutest!

Dorothy Explor'r said...

eheh. love the outfit... but ii think i'm diggin' the quirkiness more! and that's a great thing!!! btw, giveaway going on at my blog i just wanted to shamelessly plug in case you're interested! eheh.


chantilly said...

girl, you are looking so adorbs!! i love your glasses & dress :) xoxo

Rachel said...

awesome dress, the tights and shoes go amazingly well! great look! :)
Much love


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