Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DIY Tutorial: Mod Podge on Plastic Storage Unit

As you've read in the title, I'm sure you found that I was really creative and avant-garde with my choice of wording… Yeah. No. So anyways, I've been crafting a lot lately. Just simple, easy projects that don't require a whole lot of effort. (I randomly stopped creating much for a little while this summer.) I recently paid a visit to one of my favorite stores in Cambridge, Buckaroo's Merchantille, with my Jana and spotted some sweet wrapping paper. It's just the strangest slash most beautiful paper that I said to myself, I said,  "I'm going to mod podge that onto something." That's literally what went through my head, guys.
So here's how this little crafting project goes (takes maybe a half hour) - 
1. I borrowed one of Jana's yucky paint brushes (you can check out her artwork here.) Have a paint brush. 
2. Got some Mod Podge:
3. Get a plastic storage container of any kind: 
4. And get some really sweet wrapping paper. 
5. Figure out a rough estimate with the measurements of the paper against one of the drawers. And cut that sucker. (Sorry - that came out oddly violent. Oy.) 
6. Put a layer of mod podge on both sides of the paper, and smooth it out from the center out onto the drawer. 
I only did one layer and it came out pretty awesome, mayhun! 

IMG 4182
IMG 4176
IMG 4185 
Happy almost-Wednesday kids! 

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