Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning: My Room

Yes, it's Thursday, and that makes me happy. Want to know why? Well, because that means the week is almost over; thus I start work sooner.

Do any of you need structure in your life as much as I do? Structure is a HUGE part of keeping my anxiety under control. I need to have a schedule. They do good for me and my psyche.

And remember when I said that I was moving for the summer? Well, God really worked wonders for me. I was feeling a little uneasy about the idea, and then I found out that my roommate hadn't found someone to take my room for the summer. So I'm staying in the apartment that I've been in for three years for one more summer, and then I'll be out of there and in a new place with my dear friend Ariel. *Thank God!*

So because of that little change, I decided to do some MAJOR spring cleaning to my room. After tearing it apart, it look at little like this.

IMG 0085

I decided to use all of the pieces of art that I've bought over the past month, and put them up in my room rather than way for my new place in September.

The one on the left side is by a favorite artist of mine Paper Sparrow. She does amazing prints of different animals. Some are based on the Fantastic Mr. Fox. You can purchase her pieces at her Etsy shop and her Society6 shop.

IMG 2667

Those two prints in the middle are from an amazing photographer. These two are from a series she did called "The Girl with Seven Horses." She had a two for one print sale last month, and I had to snag them!


Remember when I made these felt pinwheels? I put those up too!

IMG 2701

And here's my crazy collection of costume jewelry. I decided to get a little creative and hang them on the wall.

IMG 2676

IMG 2679

Happy Thursday!



Andrea Laurn said...

what an awesome room makeover! your art wall is excellent and it is thrilling to see my alphabet print there : ) I REALLY like these 'Girl with seven horses' photos . . . heading to check these out some more.
Thanks a million for the links. xoxo-Andrea

Allie Ruth said...

That horse/girl picture is so flippin' awesome!


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