Monday, September 17, 2012

September Wish List

This past weekend was full of gigging and playing lots of violin. It was amazing. Even though I play monthly at church, it just hasn't felt like enough. Growing up practicing hours and hours and day and working your ass off is a crazy experience. My parents pushed me and eventually I got into my own groove, never like my young brother's groove, but it is what it is. Playing at church is a completely different kind of gig, because it's not a performance. It's worship. Therefore, I'm not really trying to necessarily do my best for the audience, but for God. Totally different, right? I need more opportunities to play. I need to play in front of people more, but with a group of course. I always did my best when I was playing in a small ensemble or a band. 

Stay tuned for updates...

I feel like I haven't done one of these wish lists in forever. That's probably because I haven't been doing a ton of online shopping recently because of the new apartment.

Chasing Moonbeams Dress
Chasing Moonbeams Dress via Modcloth 

Girls Got Plaid-itude Dress

Contain Your Excitement Coffee Canister

Just bought this and a couple others...
Anchor bracelet,antique silver bracelet,small anchor pendant,leather bracelet,alloy bracelet
Anchor Bracelet via Gun Rose

Third Degree Heels via Seychelles 

Natural World Desert Plate via Anthropologie 

Ganesha Tapestry via Urban Outfitters

1 comment:

Bridget said...

i'll take em all. i'm selfish like that.

also, i was just browsing some of your karina archives and i'm pretty sure you just passed the anniversary of her death, am i right? anyhow, wanted to tell you i'm thinking of you... hoping you feel all sorts of love right about now and have lots of good memories floating about your head.


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